To my fellow bloggers…

To my fellow bloggers...

In life, you introduce yourself when you meet someone new. So I want to introduce myself and the new Owner of my heart, Camdyn, to the blogging world (which by the way, I am mildly OBSESSED with this new-to-me world!)

My name is Nicole and I am a proud Mother of a beautiful 7.5 month old son, Camdyn. So beautiful, I am constantly getting asked “Awh, She is so pretty. What is her name?” I refuse to cut his hair until he is at least 1 year old, so until then, I remain armed with the reply “Thanks, his name is Camdyn!” and stay amused with the variety of reactions I get. Don’t worry, I’m polite about it and tell them “It’s okay, everyone says the same thing!”

Anyyyyywho- I am a proud Mother, soon-to-be Fiance of an amazing man, Dalton, (& yes, I say soon-to-be because I am anticipating a proposal soon or he can anticipate a foot in his butt, ha!) and Founder & Stylist for ‘One Hott Mamma Maternity Styling & Concierge Services.’ One Hott Mamma is my passion that I have set to life, in where I live out my dream as a Wardrobe Stylist and I pair that with my love of helping other woman feel great about themselves. I join these women as they learn the up’s & downs of pregnancy & motherhood- helping arm them with both knowledge & style!!!

Join me as I blog about everything from pregnancy & style to motherhood and of course bragging about my son 🙂

xoxo- Mamma ❤

Pregnant or know someone who is? Join the other ‘Hot Mammas’ and treat yourself to an unforgettable, self-confidence boosting pick-me-up.  Call Mamma (that’s me!) today to schedule your personal Wardrobe Styling Session & gear up on a jaw-dropping ensemble for your baby or post-baby bump!!!  It’s time to look & feel your absolute best, turn some heads, and get in touch with your inner Hott Mamma ❤ or 704.421.5610


3 thoughts on “To my fellow bloggers…

    • Thank you Sylvie! You are gorgeous yourself! When I had my son, I decided, as hard as it sometimes is, that I have to remain true to myself, my style, and my love for fashion- which is why I created my business ‘One Hott Mamma’ so I could help other women do the same thing!!! 🙂 Thanks for liking!

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